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Matt x Reader (Death note SHORT STORY) part 3
Part 3
Your alarm won't stop bitching so you grabbed the damn object to shut it off. It's 6am, your regular time of waking up. It takes you a while to bathe, prepare your hair and face and choosing your clothes so you had to wake up early. Just as you finished drying your hair you received a call from Carter telling you that your assignment for today is shadowing on Takada, and if possible, engaging contact with the Japanese Polices so you could determine who is Kira.
"Gahan, is it really necessary for you to follow me?" you asked.
"Yes. It's a rule."
"But what if I'm having sex with someone. You can't watch me." you said as thoughts of Matt fucking you flooded your damn dirty mind, making you punch the mirror in front of you. What the hell was that?!
"Of course I won't watch you." Gahan replied as she made a laughing sound.
You can't help but laugh at your idiocy. You suddenly remembered the time you first met Matt at the orphanage. He was sitting under the tree with some game-
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The Goth and The Jock 10
Gaara sighed as he turned the water off and shivered from the cold water dripping off him, he got out of the shower and pulled on his boxers, he sweat dropped remembering Lee had taken his clothes for cleaning and grabbed one of the robes hanging on a hook on the back of the door and pulled it on. It was green and way to big on him but it would do for now. The redhead opened the door and peeked out to see Lee on the couch; he walked out and made his way to Lee's room opening the door.
"I put fresh clothes on the bed for you..." Lee told Gaara softly when he noticed he walked by, but he never took his eyes off of his book.
"Uh thanks." Gaara said and slipped into Lee's room and shut the door. He got dressed in a long sleeve red shirt and black pants. He sat on the bed and pulled his album out from under the pillow and opened it, his eyes sadden looking at the photos of his siblings and he flopped down on the bed holding it to his chest, after a few moments he fell a
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The Goth And The Jock 7
Gaara's tears fell and he pushed on Lee's chest trying to get away from him. "I d-don't w-want that p-pain! P-Please Lee...d-don't hurt m-me...d-don't h-hurt me l-like S-Sasuke d-did..." Gaara said letting out a sob his whole body trembling.
Lee's eyes widened, "Gaara... relax... I would never harm you... ever... Please calm down... Sasuke hurt you..?" He was starting to get angered, yet very upset and distressed seeing Gaara crying in his arms trying to get away. 'Is this what Naruto meant by our relationship will be a bit difficult now because of what Sasuke did..?' He thought to himself.
Gaara felt so weak for his boyfriend to see him crying and again tried to get away. "H-He....H-He..." Gaara swallowed hard and bowed his head as he said. "..H-He r-raped m-me..." Gaara said then sobbed hard into his hands
'I knew I should have killed when him I had the fucking chance....' Lee's mind thought angrily as he cradled thee younger boy. "Shh... Please do not cry
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Naruto: Who's ur babys daddy2
Naruto: Who's your baby's daddy? Part 2:
Kankuro, Gaara, and Itachi!!!
Kankuro - 17
You - 15
How It Happened:
You and Kankuro had been dating exclusively for a couple of months. You hadn't had sex with him yet, not that he hadn't tried, several times.
You spent every moment you could together. Which wasn't all that much because he lived in the sand village and you lived in the leaf village. But when you were together, you were inseparable.
"I love you, _____." He said one night while you were snuggling on his couch. "I love you too." You said back. "But that doesn't mean I want to have sex with you." You add smirking. "I wasn't going to ask." He said looking a little put off. "But I was thinking it." He smirked. You gave him a little shove.
"I'm a guy, what do you expect?" He asked shrugging. "I don't know, maybe a little respect." You said. "I'm sorry." He said a little sarcastically but sincerely. You kissed his nose. He kissed yours.
When he pulled back he laughed a little. "What's
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Mature content
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The Taste -SasuNaru-
"Hey Naruto"
Naruto, busy thinking about getting to lunch, stopped dead in his tracks.  He angled his head to see Sakura walking up next to him.
"Hi Sakura!" he said recovering, "Joining me for ramen?"
"No yuck" she replied simply, "I had something I wanted to ask you."
"Hmm?" he asked, many thoughts running through his head.  Like, was Sakura going to ask him out.
"Would you kiss Sasuke again?"
"WHAT, again?! We never kissed!"
"Uh huh! You assaulted Sasuke in class! In front of everyone!
"I was pushed!"
"Whatever Naruto, but you sure didn't back off quick."
"Sakura" Naruto whined.
As they drew nearer the ramen stand Naruto's mind tuned Sakura out.
"Well would you do it again?" Sakura asked stepping between him and the ramen stand.
"Sure" Naruto replied not thinking, the smell of ramen overwhelming him, "If he tastes like ramen."
With that said he burst passed Sakura, knocking her slightly.  Sakura recovered slowly.  Glancing at Naruto, she walke
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Kodocha Fan art by Chimi-Chimirita Kodocha Fan art :iconchimi-chimirita:Chimi-Chimirita 3 0 Closer of Baby Emi by llwild1992 Closer of Baby Emi :iconllwild1992:llwild1992 59 5 Deidara by D-jien Deidara :icond-jien:D-jien 2,522 729
Mature content
Gaara X Lee :iconsabakukyugaara:Sabakukyugaara 6 4
To be loved, Part 2--GaaLee
"Hey, Lee, are you feeling alright? You seem less youthful today." Gai-sensei asked him the next day, during training.
It's true, he has been acting a little weirdly today............... Tenten thought.
"Huh? Oh, it's nothing, Gai-sensei. I was just thinking about something. Don't worry about it. I'm fine!"
"YOSH! Now, do 100 laps around the practice field!"
"YOSH!" Lee replied.
Something's not right about Lee..........and I'm gonna find out!
"Yo Lee, can I talk to you?" Tenten asked him after training.
"Huh? Oh, sure. What is it Tenten-chan?"
"What's wrong? You've been acting weird today."
"Um…………….Tenten? Can we talk in private?" Lee asked.
"Sure." They walked behind the ninja academy building. While they were walking, Lee remained silent.
Wow. I've never seen him look so serious. This must be bad.
When they got there, Tenten was the first to speak.
"So Lee, what's been bothering you?" she asked him.
"Aww, come on, you can tell me. I'm your te
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SasuNaru- Thunder Ch.3
"Promise that you won't run, get mad, hit me or even laugh?" Naruto nodded and Sasuke continued. "Well, ever since the first time I came over because of a storm I've had this 'feeling' in the pit of my stomache. It grows every time I come over and I guess last night really made it stand out. You're my best friend, I know that. But this feeling...I think it's..." Sasuke swallowed hard.

Naruto's mouth was hanging slightly open, his eyes wide. He could see a serious look on Sasuke's face, yet a deep blush had covered it as well. What? He..What? But, I..... Naruto's brain wouldn't work properly. As he was trying to make sense of the words in his head, he noticed Sasuke lower his head. You could easily see the sadness.
"See? You don't even have anything to say..." Sasuke pushed his chair back and stood up. "...I'll just be going now..." He turned to leave but was stopped by a tight hand wrapped around his wrist.
"No, don't...go
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DN:You Are All Kira: PWP+Crack
You Are All Kira
PWP+Crack humor (?)
Pairings: L x Light, Mikami x Near, Mello x Matt... uh.. yea..
"19 percent.."
Light looked up from a pile of papers he was reading through. "What?"
"I said, 19 percent." L turned to look at Light, as if waiting for him to discover the meaning in his words quickly.
"....I'm NOT Kira, Ryuzaki.. How many times must I say this before I begin to look more guilty?"
L tilted his head to the side at Light's words, but before he had a chance to respond, a crash broke through their conversation, followed by a scream.
L looked more curious, tilting his head to the other side to address the noise. "I did tell Amane-san not to open the door to Mello and Matt's room." He slowly scooted his computer chair closer to the desk top infront of him to prepare his tea. "I am now 50 percent sure that she is Kira."
Light frowned at this. "What..? Just because Misa walked in on Mello and Matt having sex, that makes her more likely to be Kira?!"
"Yes." L said matter-o
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